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Pickerel Point Marina

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Thanks for another great season!

We are now closed

(306) 542-3984


Take advantage of our private boat launch at a cost of $7.00

or $75.00 for a montly pass

Our Staff Will Help You Unload Your Boat
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Learn More

Large Boat-Dock   $15.00/Night   $375.00/Month   + GST

Large Boat-Shore $10.00/Night   $250.00/Month   + GST

Small Boat-Dock   $10.00/Night   $250.00/Month  + GST

Small Boat-Shore   $7.00/Night    $175.00/Month     +GST

Jet Ski-Shore          $5.00/Night    $125.00/Month     +GST 


         Boat - under 18 feet      Large boat- over 18 feet

     All boats require bumpers


To book a slip please email us.  

Credit card must be provided at time of booking.

Kayak Rentals -

Single $15.00 / Hour                    $45.00/ 4 hours

Double $25.00 / Hour                  $75.00/ 4 Hours


Life Jacket Rentals -

$15.00/ Day            ** deposit required **